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Longing for a City
Pastor Jim Balzano - January 17, 2016
Humanity was birthed in a paradise designed by God, but in their sin they forfeited that place. The longing for most human hearts is to live in a paradise that is beyond human capability. Abraham searched for such a city that’s architect and builder was God. Like Abraham, we as people of faith long for and search for a place of God’s design. Paul tells us as believers that we have come to Mt. Zion, the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem; and we are citizen of that city now. This message does two things: 1. reveals the longing in our hearts for a lost paradise while whetting our appetites for a now but not yet paradise designed by God. 2. It challenges us, as a church, to live as reflection of His city so that others will be drawn to the very place they long for.
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