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Destiny by His Design
Pastor Jim Balzano - January 31, 2016
In Judges 6 we find God’s people hiding in caves and dens in the mountains for fear of their enemies. We find Gideon hiding in a winepress sifting wheat for fear of them. The sinful decisions of Israel had brought them to a place where they were living well beneath God’s design for their lives. Their history had been shaped by their decisions, but God had a design for their destiny if they would just step into it. Many people today are doing the same - living well beneath the design God has for their lives. Choices and actions by themselves and even earlier generations have caused this. But God always provides a way out and a way to enter into His plan for their destiny. This message will give hope to those who have been outside of God’s design for their life. It will challenge you to run after what He has designed for you, your family and those around you.
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