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​Rehearsals - Thursday's at 6:30pm 


Anna: (60+) She is a solid matriarch (grandmother) of the family.  Been a faith filled woman all her life and has been a teacher and author in her younger years.  She made things of the church a priority all her life which had a negative impact on her daughter.  She is one of the main modern characters throughout the story.  She sings Throne Room (along with Mary Magdalene character) and Be Okay.  She may also sing solo / duet for O Praise The Name.

Script page 4, 23

Charles: (60+) He is a solid, faith-filled grandfather who makes it a priority to always share Jesus with those he comes in contact with to include his grandchildren.  He is in and out of the modern scenes but is still a prominent character in this story.  He sings Until Then and one verse of O Praise The Name.   

Script page 4, 10-11

Cynthia: (35-45) She is the daughter of Charles and Anna and is a single mom.  She is a very hard worker, very community outreach minded but her parents being so involved in the church over the years has made her a little bitter towards God.   In the preliminary planning, we have her sing the song, Empty.

Script page 1, 2, 34-35


Jena (15-18). She is the teen daughter of Sylvia.  She has been brought up with strong work ethic and community outreach emphasis but her spiritual life is quite shallow until she encounters her grandparents which becomes eye opening.  She is slated to sing You Cover Me.

Script page 1-2, 34-35 

Ashton (7-10) This can be a boy or girl at this point.  The character is Cynthia's other child and sibling to Jena.  This child may sing a portion (Bridge) of The Throne Room.

Script Page 12, 26

3 women (Age doesn’t matter). During one or two scenes, we will have Sylvia interacting with a few women.  Lines will be minimal and no solos required.  

Script Page 1, 2 (Kathy)


Mary Magdalene (25-40) This is the primary character in the Bible story portion of the production.  This is, to a small degree, a parallel character with Sylvia from the modern characters.  Mary is a very emotional character but strong and becomes a leader among the followers of Jesus.  She will sing Thank God I Do, Where The Nails Were, Throne Room and perhaps portions of other songs as a solo / duet.  

Script page 6-8, 25

Mary, mother of Jesus (50-60). This character doesn’t have lines but the emotion for this part is critical.  Mary will weep at the cross, she will rejoice at the resurrection.  

Jesus (33) The character of Jesus will have many lines, mostly taken straight out of the Bible.  This character will have the ability to be very joyous and happy in the interaction with the crowd and kids in particular.  Also, he will be very emotional during the crucifixion.  At this time, no solos are needed but may be added depending on the casting of this character.   

Script page 7-8, 20-21, 25


6 Disciples - Peter, John, James, Andrew, Philip, Judas (30s). These characters will only have a few lines,  some may be more than others but they will basically all serve as supporting Biblical characters around Jesus.  One or two will sing parts of the verses of O Praise The Name..  They may also collectively sing the Lord’s Prayer but that hasn’t been determined as of yet. 


Script page 20 (Peter), 28 (Peter, John) 

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