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Trans4mation Church exists to minister Kingdom Principles to City Issues.  What does that mean?   How does it work?  What is at its core?  Ministering Kingdom Principles to City Issues was born out of a time of asking the Lord the two following  questions:


Who is PVAG?  The first of these questions was answered with the simple answer:  a city church.  PVAG is a city church.  For 93 years there has bee a church, planted by God, in the city of Altoona.  God placed our church here.  God had a plan in placing our church.  Churches exist in all sorts of places such as large cities, small cities, towns, and villages all with the purpose of expanding God’s kingdom.


What do we do?  As a city church we need to know what it is that we were supposed to do.  Through prayer and reading the account of Philip in Samaria, found in the book of Acts, we came to the conclusion that we are to minister Kingdom Principles to City Issues. Philip went to a city in Samaria healing the sick and the lame, casting out demons and preaching the gospel. The result?  Acts 8:8 says:  “there was great joy in the city”.  There was great joy in the city because someone took the principles of God’s kingdom and ministered them to that city.  This is what PVAG is called to do.  We are a city church that ministers Kingdom Principles to City Issues. 


So in short PVAG is a city church that builds kingdom people to Minister Kingdom Principles to City Issues.

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