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Jedidiah Rising
Pastor Jim Balzano, October 21, 2018

David was a man after God's own heart and yet committed a horrendous sin with Bathsheba. The result of his sin was death. The fruit of his repentance was something God said He loved when he told Nathan the prophet to call Solomon by the name of Jedidiah. Jedidiah was a name that brought hope to the repentant David. Jedidiah was the name by which Solomon would know God loved him even though his father was a murderer. Jedidiah was a man with a God appointment. King David commissioned a priest, prophet, and protector to raise that boy to his divine appointment. This message will bring hope to those who, like David, through repentance can produce something God loves. This message brings hope to those who, like Solomon, were born with a backstory. And, this message is a call for the church to be the priest, prophet and protector to raise up a Jedidiah generation.

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