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Year of Ichabod
Pastor Jim Balzano, December 30, 2018

The book of First Samuel tells the tragic story of Eli and his family's end. On the day that Eli and his two sons died, the ark of God was taken into enemy territory. This prompted Eli‘s daughter-in-law to name her son Ichabod because she said the glory was departed. The reality of the situation though was God was actually restoring the glory back to Israel. From this day flesh-driven men would not be leading Israel. From this day the word of God and manifestations of God would not be rare in the life of Israel. And while the ark indeed went into enemy territory it was not because it was captive, but rather He was bringing defeat to the idols of the land. Ichabod might mean the glory has departed, but that is not what God was doing. Our prayer is that we would have a year of Ichabod. A year when we will not be governed by the flesh, the word of God would not be rare, and manifestations of His presence will not be rare. After all, this is exactly What Jesus did througj His life, death, burial and resurrection. Because of what He did we are not governed by the flesh; His word dwells within us and manifestations are normal.

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